Whats new in TimePanic FE 5.0 for Windows?

TimePanic FE 5.0 for Windows introduces a new visual style.

Note for users of previous TimePanic versions

Please note that the new TimePanic version stores its data in a format that is incompatible with previous TimePanic versions. In other words, once you have started the new version, you cannot uninstall TimePanic and reinstall a previous version.

Major improvements
  • The TimePanic user interface now supports the flat design Light. The old themes are still available and can be activated in the Options.
Changed Features
  • New style: The images of all work types, which are mainly used for favorite activities, have been modernized. Custom images now require a different file type. There is however an option to return to the previous style.
  • Simplification: The work type is no longer mandatory in activities. The work type Open no longer exists in new installations.

Build 951 fixes several smaller bugs (not detailed), two major bugs and improves usability:

  • Fixed: The week numbers shown in the calendar of the day view were incorrect in many countries (customer request).
  • Simplification: The new setting Ignore current project makes it easier to control the current project feature (customer request).
  • Usability: Where possible, drop-down lists now display the icons of the items they contain.
  • Simplification : The tab allowing to create temporary reports without a name has been removed from the report wizard.
  • Fixed: If you have not enabled auto-save, the save confirmation dialog loses unsaved data of the previous day when starting the computer from sleep or hibernate mode the next day (customer request).


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TimePanic FE 5.0 for Windows

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